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Tue, Jul. 29th, 2008, 10:01 am

At work, Observation Deckin' it. Wave to the Corning Tower if you see it today.

I got some pretty disheartening news about my job. They can't afford to keep me past August. I shall be laid off. It's sad, because I love my tour. But necessary, because I don't quite fit in here. My co-workers are all older, jaded, and looking forward to retirement. I had to leave my post at the phone because one of them was sharing the room, snoring too loud. On the job. In the boss' desk.

Yeah. Time for me to go.

I'm thinking subbing is the way to go. Dad keeps pushing full time teaching, but my resume lacks real teaching experience outside of Holy Names. We'll see how it goes.

Seth and I are unofficially a year now. It's a long story, but there's technically two anniversaries. We've hit the first one. Last August is the next.

Bill and I were observing all the different changes we go through when in relationships, pleasant and irrational. The current "big scary" in my life, is that I've just now realized that I've let my guard down to let another person in. I'm now deeply concerned with how a person thinks of me and also more sensitive to what's said. It's cool and it's terrifying. I've spent a lot of this week analyzing what it means. I think it's good, I just have to get over the "newness" of it.

Anyway, Bill and I were chatting about this anomaly of letting another person in. Stupidly, I remarked that, contrary to popular belief, "I'm a lot more guarded than I let on." To which Bill replies, "Actually, I've always found you to be a fiercely guarded person." And since getting into a long term relationship, he's seen Maeve defenses drop. He approves.

I'm so interested! I never thought I was very obvious about it. Then again, I may not have been terribly self-aware of it either. Of course, I know my own personal changes, but I always figured they were...well. Personal. So I apologize to all my friends if I came off too stand-offish with you folks. :) I never knew. But I know I'm a lot better than I was.

It's been a very good year for me. I have no idea what the next step is, be it in job or relationship, but I'm playing it by ear. My goal last summer was to become a more interesting person, and to stop living a predictable life. I think I've done that. I don't think I could have predicted that I'd be spending every other weekend, on a Hydra-Terra Bus, dressed like a pirate while harassing the citizens of Albany.

Speaking of. Dudes. The Duck Pirate tour? Is kind of the coolest thing ever now that my co-worker and I have re-tooled it. Seriously, grab a little one, and come on board. We sing pirate shanties, wave plastic swords, and do stupid pirate puzzles. And if you don't have a little one to bring, well. Damnit. Dress up like a pirate and throw Nerf balls at children's heads from the ground. Do eeet...!

Wed, Sep. 26th, 2007, 10:35 am
Because I'm tired about talking about myself....

Dude comes into the office yesterday...

"Can I drop off some information about the Altamont Scaregrounds?"
"Hey, I think one of my good friends works for it."
"She's our FAVORITE!"

Just thought a certain some one would want to know.

Thu, Jun. 7th, 2007, 08:58 pm
What the hell?

So that frost that settled on the Albany area last night? I know the reason for it.

Maeve Mack signed up for Match.com.

Holy crap, what am I thinking?

Sun, May. 6th, 2007, 08:46 pm
Hey dudes!

I'm writing my last paper of the semester. I keep trying to procrastinate but ya'all are slow about updating your journals. What do you have, a life?

So I'll make a feel good Meme that I can occassional check for a boost of happy. It's a simple one. Not as awesome as break up meme. Mostly because it's not as creative. But I guess it can be if you want. Feel free to spread it.

Tell me the story of how we first met. If you don't remember, please tell your earliest memory of me. If how we met is particularly boring, feel free to make it up. But if you make it up you have to include a goldfish in the story.



Thu, Mar. 1st, 2007, 10:12 pm


We're getting a big storm tomorrow. So do you want to see the play Saturday?

Tue, Dec. 5th, 2006, 08:28 pm
Stolen from a Big and Fat Man

Teh best Firefly result eva!

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Fri, Nov. 10th, 2006, 11:13 am

Dear God,
Dude. Now you're just grasping for straws. Get a life. Leave my family alone.

The Macks

2006 bites.

Mon, Oct. 2nd, 2006, 08:20 pm

Eeeee. =D Guess who's getting tickets to see the Evil Dead: Musical! And who might also be getting front row tickets to see it!!


Actually, that's not a thing to brag about. At the moment, Front Row is the cheapest spot. $26 vs. $66. But that's because front and second row are what's called the "Splatter rows", where you are guarenteed to get soaked in fake blood and must, therefore, dress accordingly.


Who the hell am I kidding? I'm totally going to brag about that! *fingers crossed*

Thu, Sep. 28th, 2006, 09:54 am

I could do an angsty-entry about how 2006 is the worst year ever and I'm going to be really pissed if someone else dies. But. Eh.

Oh yeah, I did attempt to do the drawing Meme. Haha, guess what? I can't draw, even in Microsoft paint. I thought my lack of drawing skillz would make it funny but, no. It just made it kind of sad. So I phail, I apologize.

I'm getting itchy about my hair. probableclaws and I did some cool stuff with it over the summer. We dyed the front pieces blonde and kept the rest red. My camera is broken, so I have no pictures of it, but trust, it was really cool. When I was in Scotland, a few other women had it as well and I noticed there's a fine line between making it look cool and making you look like Rogue from the X-men. I think probableclaws and I were going for Rogue when we started, but happily the cheap hair dye stopped us from a grave error and it came out more golden. It wasn't until I saw cosplayers dressed as Rogue that I realized "Wow. That looks dumb." I dunno, it was short lived but very cool.

I was considering going to the salon and having them do it, but now I'm employeed at a Catholic Girls school, and they were very strict about hair when I was a student there. So I think I have to go more conservative as it is.

I *could* just go red again, with the blonde streaks. It's safe, ya'all love it, and then I can get the cool hair cut where it's short in the back and long in the front.

But then, back in December, I was looking through my mother's photographs and a lot of them she looks like a ridiculously thinner, hotter version of me. And she has the fairy tale blonde, princess hair.

So I don't know. I haven't been blonde in so long. The last time, I think, was during Iphigenia, but even then there was a faint red tint to it. Most people assume I'm red, know me as red, describe me as "The red head."

In fact, let's try and do a poll! I haven't done one of those before, eee!

Poll #832118 Maeve's Ever Changing Hair

What Color Should Maeve Dye Her Hair?

Blonde! Beautiful, fairy tale blonde!
Keep with the rock star red.
Er. Don't care.
Aren't you Asian?


Fri, Sep. 15th, 2006, 07:02 pm
Oy ve!

I know. I neglected this once more. I have a really long entry in the works but, well. I feel guilty every time I go to write in this thing.

I'm in grad school right now and it's fuckin' kicking my ass. Over 1,000 pages every week. Currently, I have to read all of Jane Eyre, the l ast book int he His Dark Materials series, 200 pages of Lit Crit, and a Shakespeare and Marlowe play. Ouch.

It sucks to go to a school and have both professors and students tell you to get the hell out. I am, always was planning on it. Stll going to go over seas, which Dad and I are going to figure out when things settle down. (Me: Get used to grad school, make bedroom look like a room. Him: Finish his book)But at the same time I'm happy to be academically stimulated. ...but full time grad school is just too much.

Speaking of Dad, he won his election. He's been grinning ear to ear. We're all very proud and the mayor had to call my phone to concede. =D I have the potential to drunk dial the mayor.

Holy Names hired me as a sub. It was weird going back, it's like a time capsel. Any AHN girl who wants the gossip, just IM me.

And, uh. I'm going to Irish 2000 tomorrow. But just me, no one else wants to go. Ah well, such is life.

Jane Eyre time!

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